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Perks, Benefits and Facilities enjoyed by IAS Officers
  • Rent free accommodation or accommodation at very low rent. Yes if you are the Collector in some district you will have a king-sized house to live in with gardens, house helps, maybe even fountains and more. You will enjoy all of these at very low rent of about Rs 1500-2000. Vehicles for official and personal use.

    Free electricity. What's the electricity rate in your area? It's 5 Rs per unit in Delhi. Imagine living in a huge house with tens of electrical appliances and light bulbs running but having to pay nothing for electric bills. IAS officers enjoy this facility as well.

    Perks of an IAS in PSU's
    IAS officers looking after the affairs of public sector companies enjoy all the benefits that regular PSU employees are entitled to in addition to benefits meant for IAS officers only. This is called having your cake and eating it too.
    Any direct comparison between the IAS salaries and compensation offered in the Private sector will be unfair to say the least as IAS officers receive many perks, facilities and other benefits that are hard to quantify. For instance as already stated above IAS officers get rent free accommodotion or accommodation with only a token rent, official vehicle, house help, free electricity and other such facilities that drain the pockets of private executives. Also as an IAS officer if you are heading some PSU then you are entitled to the same benefits as other employees of the PSU. This is an added bonus of the IAS.

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